Ciapha & Zaria | Engagement Session in Charleston, South Carolina

Engagement sessions are definitely on my list of favorite things to shoot and it doesn’t get any better than dreamy Charleston, South Carolina as a backdrop. I adore Ciapha and Zaria and these photos you are about to see will indicate why. My hometown is 60 miles southwest of Charleston and I grew up visiting my entire life so I always feel right at home anytime that I go back for a visit.

A little backstory here—Ciapha and I met in undergrad and both majored in Communications; him in Print and myself Broadcast. Although Ciapha was very quiet, I always admired how kind he was. Fast forward to last year (2018), I started working with Zaria as her blog photographer (thanks to Ciapha) and all roads have led us here. It’s so fulfilling to witness their growth in life and LOVE.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming, lol. I met the beautiful couple at Stoll’s Alley in the Historic District of Charleston during Golden Hour. We shared so many laughs as we progressed through the romantic streets and finally ended the evening at Folly Beach. Believe it or not, we arrived at the beach around 7:30pm and it was packed! That didn’t stop the show though. In fact, it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Ciapha Dennis coming August 2020!

Brandon Grate